Understanding principles

Trading in the foreign exchange market, as well as many other areas of business, inevitably associated with financial risks. Therefore making the first steps as a trader, it is important to clearly understand that no adviser, no trading system is not capable of 100% insured against loss. Advisor BenefitEA is not a «Holly Grail», which never merge your deposit. This is primarily a qualitative tool to explore the possibility that you can get a steady income from trading on Forex.

Analyzing the letters we receive from our traders, we found out that not everyone understands that the risk-free trade in the market Forex — this is nothing more than a myth. About 90% of new traders need to go through 5 stages to a full understanding of what really is a trade in the financial market. And only after that they get on the right path.

Five steps of understanding the trader that is trading in the financial market

Step 1. A novice trader in search of the trading system.

The biggest mistake most beginners is that they consider the Forex market as a money printing machine that could easily give them the financial independence that they so wish they had. Most beginners do not feel the need to learn and understand the intricacies of the work on Forex. First of all they are trying to buy on the Internet mythical breakeven Advisor (trading system), which, according to them, should be the same «hen that lays golden eggs.» Moreover, many inexperienced traders mistakenly seeking to buy automatic robot as trade manually consider a waste of time.

Step 2. Printing machine found.

By purchasing or downloading a «high-yield» adviser, many traders do not even try to understand the principles of its operation. And do not start trading with a demo account, but with trading with real funds. Most often this occurs when the adviser bought for money. And the higher the price, the more blind trust to the robot. The reason for this behavior of traders often lies in the fact that some vendors provide newcomers a hundred percent success adviser to extort money from him.

Step 3. First loss of the deposit.

Typically, this happens very quickly, as most beginners tend to trade on Forex with exaggerated risks. In this case, most often in the loss of funds is not a trader blames his inexperience and carelessness, and the «wrong tool.» And taken as a search advisor expensive, considering the higher price guarantee high returns. The search for a new «grail» is not postponed for later, and start on the same day as a trader with panic fear afraid to miss its profit. He looks at how the price moves in the market and calculates how much he could earn in 10 minutes or an hour to have the last price movement.

Step 4. Complete draining, the first disappointment.

At this stage, merchants are divided into two groups. Some begin to blame the seller that he sold them to «drain» adviser and stop trading. Still others set the trading system on a demo and watch her work, begin to delve into the behavior of the prices and to see the first «pitfalls» adviser. It is this second group and comes to the final stage.

Step 5. Stable income and peace of mind.

As time went on, going through fire and water, the trader finally realizes that a stable income can be achieved only with a full understanding of the principle of the trading robot. He finds the Internet a suitable trading tool or counselor develops on its own strategy. It is at this stage, to understand all the subtleties and nuances and defining an optimal level of risk, the trader begins to trade for the first time without panic and in peace.

What can we offer you?

For example, consider our advisor BenefitEA. He has a minimum of pitfalls, and how it works is so simple and transparent that predict the behavior of the counselor is very simple. Understanding how to behave trading robot in one direction or another price, provides a significant advantage when trading in Forex.
As with any other advisor in BenefitEA also has its pitfalls to be aware of during the auction. BenefitEA trades consistently profitable trader and every day and every hour!
BUT! The only thing that scared adviser — this spike in prices in one direction without a single kickbacks by 200-250 points in the opposite direction. That is, if the price for a currency pair will fall to 2,000 points and more — is likely to end tragically for your deposit.
There are several methods of applying adviser BenefitEA. We give an example of the 3 most common and widespread of them.

Methods of administration adviser BenefitEA

Method 1. Trade one currency pair with a large deposit, with minimal risk.

This method is most often used by investors who are inverted from 10 to 100 thousand USD
In this case, adviser adjusted income = 50% to 150% per year. + Broker InstaForex assesses each investor to 13% per annum on the amount that is on his account.
With these settings advisor can withstand recoilless price movement in one direction in the range of 1000 points. BUT! A trader should always be in stock in a separate account for at least 30-50% of the investment. It is necessary that, when necessary, to save their deposit in a critical situation.
The critical situation — this is when the market collapsed in one direction without a single return and drawdown of more than 80%.

First of all, you can do the following:

Step 1. Disable adviser, that he is no longer a warrant against the trend.

Step 2. Deposit funds to 30% of the total deposit for greater security.

Step 3. Wait for a price reversal in the opposite direction, and as soon as the balance closer to the safe zone (the zone you define yourself) — manually close all orders and re-enable the counselor to work. After removing from the account of 30%, which you previously saved your deposit.

But you need to understand that in some cases, to save a deposit may be required to update your account in the amount of more than 30-50%. Exactly how much money will need to invest — not known to anybody.

Advisor to withstand more severe price movement in one direction, it is best to ask a greater value for the Step_Mass_Buy and Step_Mass_Sell.

Method 2. Trade on several currency pairs at high risk.

This method is most often used by traders who invest 100 to $ 1000
The principle of this method is as follows:

Step 1. Open 5 different currency pairs in different terminals on different accounts. It is best to choose the most aggressive groups — for example, EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, EUR / JPY, AUD / USD.

Step 2. Leverage is best to choose not less than 1:1000

Step 3. Deposit on each of 5 scores — at least 1000 cents ($ 10)

Step 4. Advisor is installed on all 5 currency pairs, set to high risks and the aggressive trading with a yield = 50 to 100% per month.

When you trade with these risks the chance of losing a deposit is quite significant, and the loss at the same time all five deposits is unlikely, because the price of each currency pair behaves differently. And if one pair adviser merge deposit, on the other pair necessarily work. Thus there is a risk distribution into 5 parts.

Thanks to this method, and of course, a favorable situation on the market, it is possible to increase the total deposit interest = 20% to 100% per month.

Method 3. Trade on several currency pairs at high risk.

We use this method of investing between 15,000 and cents

Step 1. Opens one pair

Step 2. Leverage 1:500

Step 3. Expert Advisers put on superaggressive trade. Parameters are selected as follows. First you need to determine the trend of the last month. Secondly you need to measure the size of the candle last week and subtract from it the size of 30%. Next bring into variable Step_Mass such significance that would general step over all allowed tribes, was just that the figure we calculated earlier.

FOR EXAMPLE. The trend is up. The size of candles last week 900 pips. subtract 30% and get 600pipsov.
Parameter Max_trades exhibit such — 10. Next, select the size Step_Mass_Sell so that would be for Max_Trades (10) advisor was able to go 600 pips. for example succeed like this: Step_Mass_Sell: 10,10,80,10,10,80,50,50,150,150.
All settings are making the weekend. On Monday include advisor and waiting for the results of its work by Friday. On Saturday, no matter how many% gain by selling already adviser, remove all profit from the account, leaving the account only the initial deposit for trading next week.

This method is the most complex to compute, but thanks to this method, provided that the total +2 rule deposit can increase from 50% to 300% per week.

Although there are proven ways to trade with an advisor, you need to understand that nothing will be able to 100% protect against potential losses.

An important rule! Use in trade only the funds that you can afford to lose without catastrophic consequences for you or your family. Trading on the money that you have to play an important role too, you will constantly feel emotional pressure, worrying about the possible loss of funds. This will significantly interfere with the proper thinking and choosing the right decisions. So first of all determine the amount that you are willing to lose, do not regret it. And never use commercial products, which are taken into debt or credit, as it is completely deprives you of the error.