In case you want to purchase  licenses, please contact us.

You get one license for one trading account. Each purchased license is compiled specifically for your trading account number. From the moment you get the robot-advisor, for one month, one link to another account is available (for example, if you change the broker). When one month from the date of purchase is over, it won’t be possible to change the account for the purchased license. Since the program has no expiration date, money after purchase is not returned.

The adviser available for sale with predefined settings.The ability to change the settings yourself is not provided. The time filter function will be available to you. A time filter is necessary to set the pause in the work of the adviser in «thin time». 21.55-23.15 GMT. At this time, an extended spread. With a large number of open positions, losses are possible if the filter not configured.The time is set according to the time of the terminal your broker, not the operating system.

GBP / USD M15 / 900-1k start deposit (cents account / only on Roboforex)— 300 EUR
GBP / USD M15 /  50 000* start deposit — 10000 EUR
GBP / USD M15 /  100 000* start deposit — 15000 EUR

*the amount of the initial deposit is indicated without taking into account the stop out of your broker

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